Last week, Rihanna did the whole nude album cover thing and of course it didn’t look too bad. But some artists go nude when they have no business doing so. 2 Live Crew – Nasty As They Wanna Be BEST: The kings of controversy pushed the nation’s buttons with their sexual-themed music and this raunchy […]

Creamy Crack, Juices N’ Berries, Relaxer, Permanent whatever you want to call it a straightener can either be your best friend or become your enemy.

It’s a common occurrence in music for an album to be recorded and never see the light of day.

Prince debuted the cover and title of his new album in the strangest of places – his turtleneck at the BET Awards.

jungle boogie (jungle –oft attrib to Hindi jangal + boogie – prob alter of bogle – goblin, object of fear) a 1974 hit by Kool & the Gang, frequently sampled by hip-hop artists, perhaps the funkiest piece of music ever recorded.

On the extended version of his 1988 single “I Wish U Heaven,” Prince sang “Take this beat / I don’t mind / Got plenty others / and they’re so fine!”

Prince & Beyoncé’s opening performance at the 2004 Grammy Awards may as well have been the opening and closing performance.

On August 3, 1983, Prince played a benefit concert at First Avenue, the Minneapolis club he would immortalize a year later in his film Purple Rain.  That same night, Prince debuted several new songs that would appear on the soundtrack to that film. When the Purple Rain album was released, three of the performances from […]

In the talent room under the stage of Los Angeles’ House of Blues nightclub, i sat down one-on-one with Prince minutes before one of his fabled after parties…

We caught up with Charlie Murphy to find out the “True Hollywood Stories” behind “Jungle Fever” and the “Chapelle Show.” Apparently Sam Jackson wasn’t on crack and Prince really did beat him in basketball and apparently Prince got skills for real.

The man who used to claim that he was “#1 at the bank” seems to be #1 most wanted by the Carver County Tax Payer Services Department in Minnesota!