Despite proving they have just as much talent, if not more than a lot of men in the Hip-Hop industry, it’s still a tough road for a woman who raps. Women have to be three times better than men in the game to get half of the respect. However, all of that is about to […]

Chicago rapper Common has never been afraid to start something new. After establishing himself as a formidable force in the Hip-Hop game, Common took his talents to the acting realm. Now, that he’s getting back to music, Common is starting over with a new record deal with Atrium/Def Jam Records. Def Jam Records announced the […]

“Cause it’s not spelled as in being stuck up. It’s “T-I-E,”  the rapper born LePreston Porter explains about the origins and meaning behind his childhood alias and current rap moniker, Snootie Wild. “It was my father’s name, so it was “Little Snootie” growing up. But then when my father passed they just took the “little” […]

Rapper/singer Cee-Lo Green‘s wallet is feeling the consequences of not fulfilling his contractual obligations. The former “The Voice” judge signed on to perform in Arkansas for a set amount of time and when he didn’t perform as long as the contract stipulated, the concert promoter refused to pay him. According to reports, Green performed at […]

Rapper Kid Cudi stirred up some mess when he was on late night show “Arsenio” two months ago. The “Erase Me” rhymer told Arsenio Hall that he felt all of the songs and verses glorifying money, cars, clothes, and women is holding back the culture. While many agreed with Cudi’s sentiment, one rapper in particular […]

The game show “Jeopardy!” has been on the air so long they can start having themed competitions like “Battle of the Decades.” During the episode based on the 90s, one of the categories was “The 1990s Rap Song.” While nobody expects three “Jeopardy!” contestants to be well versed in the sounds of Dr. Dre, Ice […]

The time has come for the world to start party rocking again. Sky Blu, one half of the global pop sensation LMFAO, is set to release a new mixtape titled “The Presidential Party Hour Mixtape.” Not only is the rapper dropping new material, but he is also introducing fans to his alter ego called, you […]

When Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy found out the high-end cough syrup Actavis was being taken off the market due to its abuse in the form of lean, he was upset. In his exact words, Soulja  was mad as hell. He’s so mad that he is on a one-man mission to get Acatvis back on the […]

Twenty years ago, kids channel Nickelodeon had an idea to bring a kids version of “Saturday Night Live” to the small screen. That idea turned into the hit show “All That.” While we all remember our favorite characters and sketches, one thing we all loved were the performances at the end of the show. “All […]

The IRS just keeps messing with popular 90s rapper MC Hammer. Years after paying off his multimillion dollar debt, the government recently told the rapper turned minister that he owed more than a million dollars in penalties stemming from his initial debt that was paid off seven years ago. As we all know, Hammer went […]

You can bet your bottom dollar that when two people are engaged in a beef somebody is going to take the matter farther than it really needs to go. Such is the case with California rappers The Game and 40 Glocc. If you remember, The Game and a host of his entourage jumped 40 Glocc […]