Thanks to Sony Pictures Television, some of television's most classic shows may be getting a reboot.

Kevin Hart is arguably the hardest working man in show business. He’s managed to transform himself from a struggling stand-up comedian into an A-List box…

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In the past, Sony CEO Doug Morris hasn’t exactly been a friend of technology in the music industry. He once infamously referred to mp3 players as “repositories for stolen music” and helped launch legal action against Yahoo and MySpace for copyright infringement. But in the midst of rumors Morris may pull the entire Beyoncé catalogue […]

Captain America, Hulk and the crew will soon have another ally: Spider-Man. Marvel announced a deal with Sony last night to have Spider-Man appear with the Avengers in their upcoming movies. According to a press release from Marvel, Spider-Man will arrive in a future Marvel Cinematic Universe film, which is the name of the universe the Avengers inhabit, so at some point he […]

Amy Pascal, the Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chairman who made news recently along with the movie studio’s e-mail hacking scandal, has stepped down for a new opportunity. She released a statement on Thursday announcing her plans, and her new role will begin in May. From Huffington Post: “I have spent almost my entire professional life at […]


We know that Sony’s digital infrastructure has been systematically ravaged by a cyberterrorist hacker cell calling themselves the Guardians of Peace, all because of the James Franco and Seth Rogen comedy, The Interview. Sony decided to not distribute the film after American theater chains backed out after terror threats. But even following Homeland Security’s defusing the […]


The hacking of several terabytes worth of Sony Pictures e-mail has led to many revelations about the company and its handlers over the last couple weeks, from the infuriating and interesting to goofy. Now Kanye West has found his way into the mix, with two possible projects coming in 2015.      E-mail exchanges between Sony Pictures Chairman Amy […]

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Activist hackers have exposed a bigoted email exchange between Sony Pictures co-chairwoman and a top Hollywood producer, underscoring how America’s racial divide is not just…


The fallout over a security breach at Sony Pictures is still making headlines after business e-mail between the studio’s motion picture chief and president of production leaked online earlier this week. Now, after combing through the leaked information, The Wall Street Journal reports that e-mail to and from the studio’s co-chairman Amy Pascal reveal a possible franchise merger in […]


Amidst all of the anticipation and excitement that the World Cup brings to fans, things are about to get awkward between FIFA and Beats Electronics. Just a week after Beats by Dre released a five-minute commercial showcasing international soccer players preparing for match ups while listening to music through their Beats headphones, FIFA decided to […]

Y’all remember the reggae artist Collie Budz? He had that infectious song back in 2007 called “Come Around” that was talking about smoking some herb. Well, he’s back with a new sound and new record deal. After going on a six-year hiatus, Collie Budz returns to music with a new record deal with super producer […]

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  Miss L Boogie herself dropped a new song today and sent a Tumblr message to her fans to let them know where the song was and how to get it! [You can purchase her new song on iTunes! ] Says Ms. Hill; “Hello All: Here is a link to a piece that I was […]