When it was announced there would be a second posthumous album coming from Michael Jackson, there was a mixed reaction. Some were excited at getting another piece of the King of Pop even if it was through old demos being pieced together in to an album. Others were a skeptical because they weren’t sure how […]

Since unveiling the artwork for his hit album “G I R L,” Pharrell Williams has taken heat because people felt the models on the cover didn’t reflect beauty in all shades. While Pharrell’s explanation may not have satisfied fans, but the video for his latest single should pacify them. In the video for “Mariulyn Monroe,” […]

Rapper/actress Nicki Minaj has gone through a transformation in her music and look. When it comes to Nicki’s look, gone are the cotton candy flavored wigs with the gum ball bustiers and licorice skirts. Minaj has traded those in for a more toned down and natural look. The natural look has fans hoping Nicki stays […]

When  it comes to acquiring knowledge, the best place to be is at the feet of elders. The wisdom elders share is so necessary for your life that they could tell you something and it not manifest in your life until years later. Rapper Phonte got that experience through dealing with Mos Def. In a […]

Some people hold jobs that never yield them a word of thanks or any positive recognition. They’re expected to just shut up and do their job because after all, it is their job. Well, in effort to teach people a lesson, a group of people posted a fake job description online and held real interviews. […]

British R&B import Estelle is ready to give fans her third album. The lead single is for the slinky jam “Make Her Say (Beat It Up).” The song features themes of love, sex and passion so naturally the visual for the song has to match. In Estelle’s video for “Make Her Say (Beat It Up),” […]

R&B singer Alicia Keys fancies herself something like a superhero. She drives the point home in the video for her new song “It’s On Again.” The song, produced by Pharrell Williams and featuring Kendrick Lamar, is featured on the soundtrack to “The Amazing Spider Man 2.” In the clip, Keys looks over the city from […]

Having a Walkman was one of the biggest necessities for a music listener in the early 90s. However, they faded out rather quickly with the dawn of the Discman. Since we’ve moved onto iPods, children born after 2000 know nothing of what a Walkman is. Check out this video of children reacting to the Walkman. […]

Ummm uh oh! Did this really just happen?! We’ve seen a lot of things recently….but this is just….wow! Somehow we don’t think this is going to go over too swell with more than a few people! Take a look at what Earl Sweatshirt‘s version of Joe Budden looks like in the trailer for the Loiter […]

Pharrell‘s infectious hit, “Happy,” from the soundtrack of the motion picture Despicable Me 2, has the whole world dancing around like a “room without a roof”…

New York R&B singer Ashanti is making her rounds at various media publications in effort to promote her latest album “Braveheart.” The former Murder Inc. princess stopped by AOL’s The Boombox and after giving an interview pushing her album, she gave an intimate performance of legendary singer Chaka Khan‘s signature hit “Sweet Thang.” Ashanti performed […]

Singer Jhene Aiko has been building a solid buzz since she hit the scene with her mixtape “Sailing Souls” was released in 2011. Since then, she’s put her stamp on records by Drake and Cocaine 80s. As she puts the finishing touches other debut album, Jhene Aiko released a song called “My Afternoon Dream.” Aiko […]