It might be a Christmas miracle, but crime in New York City is the lowest that it has been the past 50 years, according to The Wall Street Journal. One small step for NYC, a giant leap for mankind?

While that is great news, crime is still up. That includes rape, robbery, theft, and grand larceny. Much of the thefts were electronics, and most of that were Apple products. People call it “Apple-picking.” Apple product thievery happens EVERYWHERE, though.

Let’s take a look at the news, shall we?

  • Back in October, Samantha Lim got hers swiped when she was eating at a restaurant and the phone was sitting on the table.
  • TSA agents were stealing iPads from people’s luggage. Almost 400 TSA agents were fired. (Watch video here.)
  • Huangbum Yang was shot and killed over an iPhone robbery
  • A San Francisco woman was punched in the stomach

It’s real out here!

With the rash of crimes and so many people who use Apple products, or any kind of electronic device on a daily basis, especially when you’re out in public, it is best to exercise discretion.

NYC MTA went as far as to release a PSA on what to do when you have your shiny devices out in public.

Just be safe! Do you have any “iCrime” stories?


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