When “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” first premiered, it was obvious the breakout stars were Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez. Throughout the ups and downs their relationship has taken viewers on, it’s clear these two are going to be on our televisions for years to come and they will do so at each other’s side.

The Urban Daily got a quick moment to speak to the the king and queen of ratchet reality television and they didn’t disappoint. One of our favorite moments was when we asked Joseline what she would do if she woke up in a man’s body. Don’t look at us as if we were throwing shade because Black Twitter was overrun with questions and comments about that. needless to say, Joseline answered in a way that only Joseline could.

Never a site to discriminate so we asked Stevie J what he would do if he ever woke up in a woman’s body. Once again, stop looking at us like that. We did it for kicks and giggles. Take a look at how they answered our crazy question.


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