The comedy “Friday” is a comedy classic that has had audiences doubled over in laughter since its debut in 1995. The weed comedy has gone on to spawn several successful sequels. While many of the actors have been excited about a fourth installment in the franchise, one actor isn’t too pleased about a fourth movie. […]

Amidst continued criticism over the lack of Black representation in their casting–particularly African-American women–Saturday Night Live continues to chug along with their brand of race-based comedy. RELATED: Black Comedienne’s To Kenan Thompson: “He Can’t Do What We Do” In the parody “12 Days Not A Slave,” Jay Pharoah is a recently emancipated slave named Cecil who can’t […]

  The sketch comedy show “Saturday Night Live” has been on the air longer than many of the current cast members have been alive. However, in the 38 years “SNL” has been broadcast, there have only been four black women to be a part of the cast. In a recent interview with TV Guide, actor/comedian […]

  The 2013 Emmys were a night of upsets. Lots of people pegged to take home trophies went home empty-handed. It was a great night for the hit AMC drama “Breaking Bad.” The show took home the award for Best Drama which in the past years has gone to “Boardwalk Empire.” “Breaking Bad” also scored […]

  Ever since Miley Cyrus shook her barely-there ass on Robin Thicke at the VMAs and called it twerking, the relatively old dance with a new name has gone viral. The New York Times even tried to make it digestible for their audience by doing an “in-depth” piece on it. While some out of ouch […]

  Dave Chappelle has always been a champion of the working class.  Between his stand-up comedy specials and the classic “Chappelle’s Show,” he really stayed on the pulse of the trials and tribulations of the common man and woman.  When he walked away from millions of dollars in 2005 on principle we all weeped but applauded […]

  When comedian Joe Torry hosted Def Comedy Jam in the ’90s he punctuated his intros of each comic with the call out, “Damn, is he funny?” and a playful neck roll. It was a suitable gesture because it emphasized all that mattered when it came to the world of comedy: Will it get a laugh? […]

  As a person who has to use Twitter for work, it’s become harder to enjoy the social networking site if I’m not watching television with Black Twitter. So besides talking smack with my friends and tweeting random lyircs to whatever song I’m listening to while commuting, I’m on Twitter for the parody pages. In […]

In action adventure “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters,” actor and comedian Brandon T. Jackson returns as Grover, the Satyr sworn to protect Percy (played by Logan Lerman). Must Watch:  Oprah Winfrey Weighs In On Jay Z Vs Harry Belafonte [EXCLUSIVE] For those unfamiliar with Greek mythology, a satyr is a half man half goat. So we […]

This is a day we knew was coming. After the runaway success of Issa Rae’s online series “Misadventures Of Awkward Black Girl” it was only a matter of time before her talents would make their way to television. RELATED: Issa Rae On Being Awkward Vs Being A Nerd [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO] According to Deadline, Issa Rae will […]

Actor/comedian Eddie Griffin is not in a laughing mood. He is being sued by a woman who claims she and her girlfriend were made to be the butt of his homophobic jokes. the woman also says he attacked them with a water bottle. A video surfaced on the internet showing Eddie Griffin pouring a bottle […]

When you’re in a relationship, one of the most nerve-racking experiences is meeting their family. You can liken meeting your significant other’s family to being like a box of chocolates because you truly never know what you’re going to get. they might love you. They might think you aren’t right for their relative and put […]