In anticipation of his new album, “The World’s Most Hardest MC” D-Block’s Styles P invited to hang out at his Juice Bar in the Bronx, “Juices For Life” to talk about everything from being an author to his first car. In this first clip he talks about being born on Thanksgiving and the nickname […]

It takes a leap of faith to believe in something you can’t prove. As kids we place so much stock in larger than life characters like Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and The Tooth Fairy, with our self esteem and perception of the world hanging in the balance. But as we get older that faith […]

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  Many moons have passed since the Roc-A-Fella Records family thundered through the industry, creating an avalanche on the charts with hit after hit.  But like many empires the Roc has had its assets scattered to the reaches of the universe like robot lions.  While the head still runs this town in all Black Lion […]


Back in the day, holiday movies used to feature messy family dinners and a nice Hallmark message at the end. Now it seems like Hollywood is waging war against that image and replacing it with blasphemy personified—murder, mayhem and raunchy sex. Need proof? We’ve compiled the movies that have given Santa and his reindeer the […]

Dawn Richard is used to stacking dirty money, but the singer is cleaning up in other ways for the holiday season. In advance of her debut solo album GoldenHeart, she is releasing a Christmas EP titled Whiteout. The tracklist reveals five songs, including her 2011 single “December Sky.” Whiteout is scheduled to drop on December […]

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We all remember when Eve came onto the scene in 1999 as the leading lady of the Ruff Ryders crew and rose to the top of the charts with her debut album “Let There Be Eve.”  After four years of an extremely successful career in music, Eve took some time off to focus on her […]

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Flo Rida re-releases his Wild Ones album with bonus tracks just in time for the holidays. The tracklist features the uber-hits “The Whistle Song” and “Good Feeling”. Every Flo Rida fan would appreciate it as a stocking stuffer! The album drops November 16. “Whistle” “Wild Ones” (feat. Sia) “Let It Roll” “Good Feeling” “In My […]

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Jay-Z will be performing again at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, this time ringing in the New Year with Coldplay for a special show. The British band announced on Sunday that they will be doing two shows in Brooklyn, one with the opening act Naturally 7 on December 30, in addition to their show with […]

It seems like only yesterday we were watching the leaves turn yellow… Somehow, the holiday season crept in behind our backs and is approaching with…

In 2004 Nas released a song that he recorded with his father, Blues man Olu Dara, called “Bridging The Gap.” It was the second single from his album “Street’s Disciple.” Eight years later Nas is now appearing in an  ad for the Gap clothing line with his pops and you can only smile at the […]

With Halloween falling on a weekday, celebs got a head start on masquerading and trick-or-treating this past weekend. For folks along the East Coast that was probably not a bad idea considering that Hurricane Sandy is soaking everybody’s plans right about now. Check out the flicks of Chris Brown, D-Nice, P. Diddy and more getting […]

Originally a recognition of souls preparing to pass on to the next plane of existence, Halloween has devolved into a night of mischief in many cities across America.  Once kids get too old to go Trick-Or-Treating they get into everything from egg throwing to general acts of vandalism. While we hope wiser heads prevail it […]