Former Adult Film star Sinnamon Love Skyped into Huffpost Live to add her unique perspective to a discussion on what makes “Amazing Sex.” The writer and mother was debating with several folks who were arguing whether marriage makes for the best kind of sex or if you can be successfully polyamorous. On intimacy… There […]

Casting call, ladies! I am looking for that special Mrs. Starr. We can deal with the looks and other qualities later. But there are two key personality traits that the woman must have: She must be sophisticated — and ratchet. Yep, I said it. The next Mrs. Starr has to be a sophisti-rachet sista! (I […]

Who says nice guys finish last?  In a world where celebrities can build their careers on outrageous behavior, actor Lance Gross has managed to stay in the game, with nary a  sex tape or paternity suit to be found. After clocking in eight seasons as the good-hearted but clueless Calvin Payne on Tyler Perry’s “House of […]

We hear all the time about women who have faked orgasms to please their man. Some say they just don’t have the heart to tell him it wasn’t satisfying. After checking the results from our poll, it seems most men do the same thing. Earlier in the week, we posted a video where Veronica Wells […]

The now famous clip of Meg Ryan demonstrating how women fake orgasm in When Harry Met Sally serves as a textbook lesson on sexual deception. Fellas, what you see (and hear) isn’t always what you get. But can men do the same? In an episode of Madame On The Street, reporter Veronica Wells asks a […]

“Fellas, sometimes we have a tendency, or should I say we forget what a woman needs every now and then…” Bobby Womack, “Woman’s Gotta Have It” When it comes to sex and relationships there is nothing more dangerous than a generalization about women. What flips one’s switch is not always going to get it done […]

Call him Dr. Love.  Comedian Kevin Hart is pulling double duty starring in two romantic comedies, Think Like A Man and The Five- Year Engagement.  In The Five-Year Engagement, Hart plays Doug, a post-grad psych student with an unusual fascination with self-pleasures of the flesh. Destination Weddings: Is It Better In The Bahamas? Hollywood’s hottest […]

Riddle me this–even though relationship books generate millions every year, why are there hardly any how-to books for men? 5 Reasons To See “Think Like A Man” sat down with several of the leading ladies of Think Like A Man, stars Gabrielle Union, Meagan Good and Regina Hall, to find out which chapters they’d  […]

There’s no doubt that couples and singles alike this weekend will have a pen and pad ready when they head to the theater to learn the answers to their dating dilemmas in Think Like a Man.  But before Steve Harvey and the sultry cast dispel some of the biggest relationship myths, we look back on […]

Looks like talent agent Benny Medina violated one of the most sacred of the BFF rules “What’s said in the circle, stays in the circle.”  Jennifer Lopez covers the April cover of Vogue Magazine, and in the feature article,  Medina, who is close friends with Lopez (and godfather to her twins), has a theory as […]

“Find My Friends”, a popular app on the new iOS5 for the iPhone 4S, may have to add a “find me a lawyer” feature. The way it works is that it allows your friends to see where you are, and if they are in the area you can all meet up. It is an optional […]

We could learn a lot about what we like and we don’t like in a significant other from the cast of “Living Single.” There’s the innocent couple: Overton and Sinclair, then the steamy secret lovers: Maxine and Kyle, the friends with benefits: Khadija and Scooter and the hopeless romancer: Regine, who’s looking for love in […]